"A veces sentimos que lo que hacemos es tan solo una gota en el mar, pero el mar sería menos si le faltara una gota.". Madre Teresa de Calcuta

viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017


 Esta es una carta de agradecimiento que nos envía Radha, que se encarga de cuidar y ayudar a las mujeres que sufren quemaduras, básicamente en labores del hogar. 
A mi llegada la entregué 25.000 rupias ( unos 240€ ) de los que ha dado buena cuenta de ellos.

One day out with burn Ladeis
Supported by Mr. Pedro Sanchez Gurerra from Spain
It is always great to be around the people you care and more importantly, to see smiles on their faces after all the hassles that we go through our daily lives. On 28 th October 2017 Saturday, we assembled at a restaurant namely Cool Chef at Kantipath, Kathmandu to celebrate a day- off at a beautiful temple with mesmerizing landscape - Chandragiri Hills. I along with other 21 people that had 15 Ladies and 5 kids with a single man , headed our journey from the restaurant to chandragiri hills on 11 am. The ride was a comfortable van. After reaching the destination, we saw a long queue for cabel car but luckily we were given privilege of not being in the queue. While reaching at the top of the hill where there a huge crowd of people for sight seeing and temple visit, we couldn’t  enjoy the scenery much because of the fog that literally hovered around the entire area. But, if a group is fun we enjoy anyway after the regular temple ritual we had a small snacks section and then we spent our time at the beautiful childrens park no doubt the kids were all jumping and yelling around with happiness. It was a pleasant site to see for sure the place itself was beautiful, very fresh and very neat. In no time we had to get back to the cabel car as we had to head back homes. While returning back we again got lucky to get to the cabel car without any queue which was surely very long . On our way back we sang songs and played music. It was indeed a much needed break. We were dropped at the local bus park by our van from where we all bid good byes to one other and left for our home.
A day well spent with fun and frolic. A memory to cherish down the lane of our lives.
Thankyou very much for giving us this change.

With lot of love
Radha ( Burn ladies Group )

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